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Mitigating Risk in Marine Transportation

By BCShippingNews 28 September 2017
Master Mariners of Canada consider the question: Are moratoriums necessary in the 21st century?

Master Mariners of Canada present: Mitigating Risk in Marine Transportation: Are moratoriums necessary in the 21st century?
When: September 29, 2017 (one-day seminar)
Where: BCIT Marine Campus, North Vancouver

As the lifeblood of the global economy, thousands of ships around the world are safely plying the oceans and waterways on a 24/7/365 basis. Moreover, as a result of intelligent design, development and utilization of enhanced navigational technologies, these vessels are able to operate efficiently in very confined and restricted locations.

There are numerous commonly known and practised approaches to managing risk and uncertainty. While one of these approaches is to totally eliminate the risk by not partaking in the activity, non-participation does not bode well with maritime transportation given the significant role it plays as an enabler in the growth and development of a global society.

Current and emerging technologies are helping shape the industrial internet of things and allowing connected ships the provision of real-time, dynamic utilization of vessel operations and maximization of effeciencies. In light of the exponential advancements of technology and availing best practices, the prevention of safe vessel operations via the enforcement of moratoriums may not be necessary.

Join the Master Mariners of Canada on Friday, September 29, 2017, at the BCIT Marine Campus in North Vancouver to discuss the topic of vessel moratoriums. Confirmed speakers to date represent a wide range of Canadian industry stakeholders, including:

  • David Jarrett, Bernard LLP
  • Will Moreira, Stewart McKelvey
  • Michael Broad, Shipping Federation of Canada
  • Phoebe Miles, Transport Canada
  • Dylan May, Marine Institute
  • Serge le Guellec, Transport Desgagnes Inc.
  • Robert Lewis-Manning, Chamber of Shipping

Sponsors: BC Shipping News, Bernard LLP, Chamber of Shipping, Saam Smit Towage Canada, and the Shipping Federation of Canada.

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