• A maritime household...The family behind Cates Tugs

    By Lea Edgar, Vancouver Maritime Museum Read more »
  • Big-ship ready: Cruise terminal planning...by Darryl Anderson, Wave Point Consulting

    The trend toward ever-larger ships is having an impact on cruise terminal planning... Read more »
  • Data pipelines of the future...By Colin Laughlan

    The seamless international data pipeline of tomorrow holds the promise of greatly enhanced supply chain visibility... Read more »

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Charles H. Cates, circa 1920. (City of Vancouver archives reference number AM54-S4-: Port P741.)
The Cates family name is very well known in Vancouver. It is due largely to one enterprising brother that the famous Cates towing company came into being. Almost every member of the Cates family was involved in the local maritime industries, but it w...
Nanaimo's Cruise Terminal can accommodate vessels of any size (photo courtesy Nanaimo Port Authority)
Once again, Canada’s West Coast ports are gearing up for a busy cruise season which will see the return of favourites like the Disney Wonder, the Explorer of the Seas and the Crystal Serenity (which is going for a second year of Arctic adventur...
Nanaimo's state-of-the-art Welcome Centre
The World Association for Water-borne Transport Infra-structure (PIANC) notes that ports already welcoming cruise traffic must continually adapt their infrastructure to meet cruise lines’ needs. It is essential for port infrastructure to be pla...
TZ Coastal Monitoring
With maritime surveillance becoming more and more a key part of coastal management, many companies — ports and harbours, terminals, oil and gas platforms and other organizations are looking for a technical solution that provides answers to a nu...
Diagram to demonstrate seamless, integrated data pipeline concept
Karl Marx is not often cited as a supply chain management visionary, but “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” is a perfectly apt description of how the electronic capture and extraction of shipping data...