• LNG Canada pushing forward despite FID delay

    The project is still very much alive and making impressive progress to ensure success. Read more »
  • A maritime household...The family behind Cates Tugs

    By Lea Edgar, Vancouver Maritime Museum Read more »
  • Big-ship ready: Cruise terminal planning...by Darryl Anderson, Wave Point Consulting

    The trend toward ever-larger ships is having an impact on cruise terminal planning... Read more »

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Diagram to demonstrate seamless, integrated data pipeline concept
Karl Marx is not often cited as a supply chain management visionary, but “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” is a perfectly apt description of how the electronic capture and extraction of shipping data...
B.C. tugs
In a world where everything marine is suddenly under a microscope, the British Columbia tug and towboat industry could best be described as stable but spinning its props. While a recovery of sorts was being fashioned a year ago, Bart Reynolds, Presid...
Currently, the only existing LPG export terminal on the West Coast of North America is in Ferndale, Washington (Photo courtesy of AltaGas).
In 2014, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies report, The US Shale Revolution and the changes in LPG Trade Dynamics, observed that “One of the significant developments associated with the U.S. shale revolution and that has attracted little a...
Crystal Serenity and RSS Ernest Shackleton -- Crystal's Northwest Passage voyage is a first for a large passenger ship...photo credit: EVC & Crystal Cruises
One would have to be the most sun-worshipping and mentally absent Canadian not to be aware of and share the nation’s obsession with our closest polar region. This region excites more than modest nationalist fervor, bringing a little heat to a c...
A perspective on the changes to Bridge Resource Management training
Bridge Resource Management (BRM) training has its roots in the aviation sector. Stemming from the tragedy at Tenerife, it became clear that a culture of autocratic leadership can have disastrous consequences. Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) trainin...