• New BC Ferries CEO continues reinvestment in assets, infrastructure and people

    "BC Ferries is about connecting communities...to enable families to grow and communities to thrive..." Read more »
  • Shipyards enjoying a good and steady pace

    Majority report the same as or better than last year and expecting just as much or more... Read more »
  • Deplorable footwear and its connection to fleet risk reduction

    By Dermot Loughnane CEO, Tactical Marine Solutions Ltd. Read more »

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Queen of Oak Bay (Photo: BC Shipping News)
It was mostly good news all around at the recent BC Ferries Annual General Meeting — traffic is up, new vessels were delivered and more are on order, terminals continue to be upgraded, and safety continues to mark year-over-year improvement. Fo...
Delta Port (photo: BC Shipping News)
Rail intermodal traffic consists primarily of retail goods in overseas containers transported by train, ship, and truck; and in domestic containers and 53-foot trailers moved by train and truck. Since Canadian railroads directly control the marketing...
Sylte Shipyard delivers new Catherwood Sea Imp XI (Photo: BC Shipping News)
From Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard vessels, to tugs and barges, pleasure craft, fishing boats, and ferries, B.C.’s shipyards have been maintaining a good pace of business with the majority reporting the same as or better than las...
Deplorable footwear and its connection to fleet risk reduction
A couple of years ago, an article in Lloyd’s List caused me to ponder. The article was headlined Viking Islay Master ‘failed in his duty of care.’ I quote directly from the article concerning the actions of some of the crew of the E...
The Samson V
There was a time when the Fraser River was bustling with paddle steamers. While the river is still heavily trafficked today, paddle wheel steam ships have long since disappeared, replaced by the more compact screw propeller vessels. If you wish to ri...