• Industry insight: The revitalization of Seaspan Ferries

    Steve Roth, President, Seaspan Ferries Corporation Read more »
  • Industry insight: All that and a bit more

    Chris Wellstood, Director of Marine Operations and Security, Harbour Master, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Read more »
  • Industry insight: Taking B.C.'s oldest shipyard to new heights

    Riccardo Regosa, General Manager, Point Hope Maritime Read more »

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Captain Bob Kitching, Western Maritime Institute
If the rumour is true, by the time this article is published, Captain R.C.E. (Bob) Kitching will have retired…for the second time. As President and Managing Partner of Western Maritime Institute for the past 17 years, and Associate Dean of the...
A done deal? The Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project will likely still be a key issue for the upcoming B.C. election. Photo by Dave Roels.
If you are one for excitement, uncertainty and change, then 2017 should be a banner year for you. Having survived (mostly) two tumultuous commercial years, 2017 could include the ingredients for a recipe of very, repeat very, modest commercial recove...
Gordon Yahn, Samson Tugboats - Photo by Dave Roels
When Gordon Yahn describes his career in the marine industry in British Columbia, he does so in the context of the various mentors who have provided him with guidance and advice — Don Mackenzie, John Cosulich, Bob Shields, Wayne Cammell and oth...
Captain Ken Burton, Executive Director, Vancouver Maritime Museum
Ken Burton describes the choices he’s made in his career as “if the door was open, I was prone to step through it.” Indeed, moving from a background in fine arts, through to medical forensic photography, then the many opportunities...
Captain John Cox, CEO, Black Ball Ferry Line Inc.
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “classic” as: serving as a standard of excellence; used to describe something that has come to be considered one of the best of its kind; historically memorable; fashionable year after year. Whether...