• Ship recycling and the transboundary movement of hazardous materials

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  • On-deck containers overboard: Can the carrier rely on Hague-Visby limitations?

    By Thomas S. Hawkins, Maritime Lawyer with Bernard LLP Read more »
  • New tools aim to strengthen WorkSafeBC

    By Lorna Pawluk, Associate Counsel with Bernard LLP Read more »

Latest Issue

By Mark Gill, Bernard LLP
The laws regulating ship recycling — commonly referred to as “shipbreaking” — in Canada have been the source of much confusion for many in the shipping industry. As there is no single piece of all-encompassing legislation that...
By Glen Krueger, Bernard LLP
As part of Canada’s Ocean Protection Plan (OPP), the Federal Government has an-nounced plans to amend elements of the Ship-Source Oil Pollution Fund (SSOPF) with a focus on ensuring adequate compensation is available and the SSOPF remains solve...
Karissa Kelln, Bernard LLP
The coastal waters of British Columbia are home to the iconic Killer Whale — a group considered at risk because of their small population size, low reproductive rate, and a variety of anthropogenic threats that have the potential to cause furth...
Megan Nicholls Maritime Lawyer, Bernard LLP, Vancouver
“Ultimately, it is through negotiated settlements, with good faith and give and take on all sides, reinforced by the judgements of this Court, that we will achieve […] a basic purpose of s. 35(1) – ‘the reconciliation of the...
Thomas S. Hawkins, Maritime Lawyer with Bernard LLP
Somewhat in keeping with the theme of this month’s issue, namely vessel safety, the Federal Court released a decision in January dealing with a loss of containers at sea and questions regarding application of the Hague-Visby Rules to on-deck ca...