• On-deck containers overboard: Can the carrier rely on Hague-Visby limitations?

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  • New tools aim to strengthen WorkSafeBC

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  • Succession planning for small business

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By David K. Jones, Bernard LLP
Safety and security are often emphasized as the top priority of passenger ships, indeed all ships — and all over the world, passenger ships sail safely without incident. A significant factor in passenger ship safety is the regime of internation...
Tom Beasley, Bernard LLP
Heritage shipwreck law in British Columbia is like the Fraser River. Often muddy and with many stretches little explored. Most of the law on the rights and obligations over shipwrecks is based on 19th century statutes to address problems of salvage p...
Michael M. Soltynski A Vancouver lawyer with Bernard LLP
In 2014, the Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping (Clear Seas) was established by the Federal Government as a non-profit, independent centre of expertise for safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada. As part of its mandate, Clear S...
Roger Tangry A Vancouver lawyer with Bernard LLP
A recent dispute between numerous secured lenders claiming priority interests in the quota allotted to the debtor, a commercial fishery, resulted in the high court of Nova Scotia closely examining proprietary interests in fishery quota entitlements....
Megan Nicholls A Vancouver lawyer with Bernard LLP (photo credit: Dave Roels)
A cautionary tale for ship repairers and ship owners alike is recounted by the Court of Appeal in Forsey v. Burin Peninsula Marine Service Center, 2015 FCA 216. Among other interesting legal points, this case highlights the importance of preserving k...