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PBES solves fire and explosion risk of lithium-ion batteries - Subscriber Access Only

By BCShippingNews 03 October 2016

Lithium-ion batteries are not new. Having been developed in the 1970s, and with commercial applications offered by the 1990s, the technology has been evolving to offer ever-greater energy solutions. For the marine industry, the promise of a low-carbon, rechargeable energy source has been set against the risk of fire or explosion due to thermal runaway (a fire in a single cell that spreads to the rest of the system). While the technology surrounding energy storage systems has been evolving to manage that risk, it hasn’t been until this past year that an effective solution has been offered.

Photo above: PBES CEO Brent Perry.

Plan B Energy Storage (PBES), a local B.C. company that provides engineering and strategic design services to the industrial energy storage industry, has developed Safe Energy Storage with the ability to fully contain thermal events in a battery. The company began manufacturing battery systems in Trondheim, Norway, earlier this year and has been met with wide praise from industry experts and vessel owners.


The man behind the vision of PBES is CEO Brent Perry. Having spent much of his career focused on vessel design and manufacturing, Perry was CEO of Corvus Energy Ltd. before forming C Rate Solutions which provided assistance to other companies working in the clean energy sector and specializing in business development, marketing and application-side engineering. Out of C Rate Solutions, Perry created PBES in January 2015 and set about building a team that has developed two thermal runaway protection systems — CellCoolTM and Thermal-StopTM. They also developed E-VentTM, a way to extract gas from the battery space, allowing any flammable or explosive gases produced by a battery failure to be removed and dispersed safely.