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Peter Swanson, Partner, Bernard LLP
Canada has a long and robust history of seeking to protect Canada’s Arctic waters. The transit of the U.S. tanker S.S. Manhattan in the late summer of 1969 through the Northwest Passage was viewed by the government at the time as a challenge to...
Rhianna Henderson, Deck Cadet, BCIT Nautical Sciences Program
While this space is usually reserved for senior executives from a variety of sectors within the shipping industry, we realized that we were missing an important perspective — that of the future generation of leaders. Meet Rhianna Henderson, a 2...
Nanaimo's state-of-the-art Welcome Centre
The World Association for Water-borne Transport Infra-structure (PIANC) notes that ports already welcoming cruise traffic must continually adapt their infrastructure to meet cruise lines’ needs. It is essential for port infrastructure to be pla...
BC Shipping News - April 2017 Highlights
Log in now to read the April 2017 issue of BC Shipping News Industry Insight...Rhianna Henderson, BCIT Nautical Sciences Program: A fresh perspective...While usually reserving this section for senior executives, Henderson, a 23-year-old deck cadet, o...
Marine safety systems, safety layers and safety cultures
Mahatma Gandhi is credited with a brilliantly snappy remark he made in 1930 whilst disembarking in Southampton. Still on the gangway, he was overwhelmed by a pool of journalists and one of them asked, “Mr. Gandhi, what do you think of democracy...