• AAL bridges the gap for Victoria, B.C.

    AAL completes shipment of iconic Johnson Street Bridge replacement Read more »
  • Lt. Governor Judith Guichon Bestows the Maritime Museum of BC’s 2017 Beaver Medals

    By Marianne Scott Read more »
  • Royal Canadian Navy readies for a new oceanic era

    Not since the great era of exploration in the 16th century have oceans played such an important role... Read more »

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LR's David Barrow and HHI's Bong-Jun Jang signing the agreement at Nor-Shipping
Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Lloyd’s Register (LR) have announced at Nor-Shipping 2017 a joint development project (JDP) to design 180k DWT class bulk carriers. These designs will meet the latest market needs by using LNG as a fuel, with...
From left to right: Christopher Fee, Projects Manager at Oldendorff; Peter Mantel, Managing Director of BMT SMART and Scott Jones, Director of Communications at Oldendorff.
Oldendorff Carriers and BMT SMART (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, announce a new agreement which has led to the roll out of fleet performance management technology onboard Oldendorff vessels.  Based on BMT’s unique on board data collecti...
To say the least, 2015 was nothing short of horrible for virtually the entire world fleet of dry bulk carriers with probably just a very small minority of ships that were still covered by long-term charters being able to earn enough money to cover th...
CSL Group's Corporate Sustainability Report
The CSL Group, a global leader in marine dry bulk cargo shipping and handling, today released its new Corporate Sustainability Report, featuring highlights of its 2013 sustainability performance and progress. The inaugural report, available online at...
The bulk carrier revolution - September 4 2013
Bulk carriers off Spanish Banks on the West Coast. Photo credit: BC Shipping News
In my view, it was never a revolution as it is sometimes termed. The evolution of the single-deck ship dates back to the steel windjammers of the 1870s and later when a succession of large sailing ship bulk carriers came into being. They were built...