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Captain Fred Denning, President, BC Coast Pilots Ltd. (photo by Dave Roels - www.daveroels.com)
With an average safety performance record of 99.98 per cent, the BC Coast Pilots Ltd. (BCCP)  is one of the most successful pilotage companies in the world. This doesn’t happen, pardon the poor choice of words, by accident.
Photo by Dave Roels
One of the most coveted jobs in Canada is navigating some rough seas right now. Being a marine pilot is not only professionally demanding, but highly paid on a par some say with airline pilots, making it one of the most difficult professions to cra...
Captain Kevin Obermeyer - photo by Dave Roels (www.daveroels.com)
For Captain Kevin Obermeyer, President & CEO of the Pacific Pilotage Authority (PPA), the importance of pilotage on the West Coast cannot be understated. Despite the intricacies of our coastline and the unpredictable weather, pilotage provides...
The areas in red require compulsory pilotage...
Canada’s West Coast is remote, rugged and rich in marine life with some of the most biologically productive marine areas on the planet. It has been the ancestral home of First Nations for tens of thousands of years. It is a very special place...
MV Golden Cell, a pleasure vessel that was required to have a pilot onboard but failed to do so.
Photo above: MV Golden Cell, a pleasure vessel that was required to have a pilot onboard but failed to do so.